Class names resolving in Neon plugin for PHPStorm

about a month ago

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I'm working on update for Neon plugin for PHPStorm. Now is in the beta version only, you can download and test it by download link. It can be installed from disk (help for install). I will be happy if as many people as possible try it out before we release the official version. There were a lot of changes, so let’s test it out.

Before stable will be released, new beta versions will be pushed to Github and in this forum will be posted information about new update. Download link will be same.

This is update only for add support class names resolving. If you have suggestion to new feature please create issue in original repository intellij-neon/issues with label enhancement.



If you find some bug in class names implementation, please reply to this topic and I will add it to issues list.

Known issues
  • If use configuration where set only namespace instead of full class name it will show error (undefined class)

Important notes

  • Refactoring for class names is now supported only from PHP to Latte


  • Added support find usages for PHP classes used in neon
  • Added inspections for used undefined classes
  • Added support for refactoring class names
  • Increased minimum compatibility with PHPStorm 2018.3

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