BC break in Nette\Http\Response::setCode in PHP 7.2

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in nette/http 2.4.3 the signature looks like this:
public function setCode($code)
in nette/http 2.4.4 the signature looks like this:
public function setCode($code, $reason = null)
but this is only in the class, not the interface.

Now if someone extended the Nette\Http\Response when using nette/http<2.4.4 and overrides the setCode method (using the 1-param signature), it's fine in PHP 7.1 and older, but when they move to PHP >= 7.2, it becomes a fatal error.
I didn't find this documented in official PHP changelist. But it makes sense, one cannot extend a parent and reduce the number of arguments of an inherited method. It was just wrong in older PHP that this wasn't reported as error.

I suggest you add this info to the 2.4 migration guide.