Nette Framework 2.4 (2018–07–03)

15 days ago

David Grudl
founder | 6753

Nette Framework 2.4 (2018–07–03) has just been released.

This release marks the end of life of the Nette 2.4 series.

Note that dependencies in composer.json has been relaxed to ^2.4, so ZIP packages are now distinguished by build date instead of patch version. Hence this release is “2.4 2018–07–03”

This summarizes the differences from release 2018–06–03


  • ContainerBuilder::completeStatement() improved error message
  • Helpers::autowireArguments() improved error message
  • ServiceCreationException: can alter exception message
  • names in error “Multiple services of type …” are sorted
  • ContainerBuilder: fixed type of service

For the details you can have a look at the diff.


  • netteForms: DOMContentLoaded is never executed when script is loaded asynchronically
  • JSHint replaced with ESLint
  • DefaultFormRenderer, Latte: fix input name defined like array (nette/forms#182)
  • Rules: added reset method (nette/forms#180)
  • Validator: %label trims colon

For the details you can have a look at the diff.


  • MailSender: $email can contain multiple addresses nette/tracy#308
  • added browser compatibility
  • bar.js: fixed autoHideLabels() after 070309de
  • added missing Coveralls file
  • bar.js: visibility is determined by width
  • MailSender: validates email
  • typo, fixed types
  • BlueScreen: empty($ex->tracyAction) may throw exception nette/tracy#305

For the details you can have a look at the diff.