Nette Framework 2.4 (2018–06–03)

17 days ago

David Grudl
founder | 6745

Nette Framework 2.4 (2018–06–03) has just been released.

This release is compatible with PHP 7.2

Note that dependencies in composer.json has been relaxed to ^2.4, so ZIP packages are now distinguished by build date instead of patch version. Hence this release is “2.4 2018–06–03”

This summarizes the differences from release 2018–04–02


  • Parser: tag name can contains : _ . – nette/latte#179
  • Compiler: added ‘did you mean’ suggestion for n:attributes
  • Compiler: fixed error when there is no macro (nette/latte#177)

For the details you can have a look at the diff.


  • TemplateFactory: retrieve CSP nonce from CSP-Report-Only header as a fallback (nette/application#193)
  • TemplateFactory: added onCreate event nette/application#195 (nette/application#196)
  • Presenter: do not shorten file names in exceptions
  • RoutingPanel: compatibility with Tracy 2.5
  • Presenter::error() moved to Component
  • type fixes

For the details you can have a look at the diff.


For the details you can have a look at the diff.


  • Closure: chops ‘uses’ when are longer than WRAP_LENGTH
  • FunctionLike: chops parameters when are longer than WRAP_LENGTH nette/php-generator#28
  • Helpers::formatArgs() chops ?* parameters when are longer than WRAP_LENGTH
  • Helpers: changed WRAP_LENGTH to 100, added INDENT_LENGTH
  • added Helpers::tabsToSpaces()

For the details you can have a look at the diff.


  • SmartObject: better error message
  • Image: throw exception when $file and $type is null (nette/utils#170)

For the details you can have a look at the diff.


New features:

  • bar: panels are resizable [Closes nette/tracy#285]
  • added BlueScreen::addAction()
  • TracyExtension: added option netteMailer, when enabled Tracy send emails via Nette mailer nette/tracy#299
  • bluescreen: added action ‘open file’ and ‘create file’ which opens/creates file mentioned in exception messsage (see…files-in-ide)
  • bluescreen: added action ‘fix it’ which opens and fixes file
  • bluescreen: better readability of quoted part of exception message
  • bluescreen: focuses PhpStorm
  • JavaScript uses ES6
  • added Nette\Bridge

Changes, BC breaks:

  • update open-in-editor scripts!
  • option netteMailer is enabled by default
  • Logger: formatMessage() & formatLogLine() changed to public static methods
  • bar: tables are 100% width
  • bar: wrap the content of panel with <div class="tracy-inner"><div class="tracy-inner-container">...
  • bar: changed coords system from right-bottom to left-top