Strange and arguably wrong escaping of special characters in links outside of href attributes

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Our problem is as follows. We send typical reset password e-mails using latte. And as anchors are removed in plain-text emails, our markup looks like this

<a n:href='Sign:resetPassword, email=""'>reset password</a>

	Link not working?
	{link Sign:resetPassword, email=""}

Which generates this:

<a href=''>reset password</a>

	Link not working?

Looks good? No!

As the second instance of link is NOT an URL now but plain HTML, the at sign (@) should not be escaped. @ is just @ in HTML.

It works in most e-mail clients but not in all apparently as we see many “user does not exist” errors in our log.

Is there some way to fix this? Noescape filter doesn't work (also I still want to escape ampersands correctly). Look like but to me.

PS: Hash protection has been omitted for clarity ;-)…te/issues/91

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