The nette/nette is dead, long live the nette/web-project

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David Grudl
Nette Core | 8183

Nette 2.3 is totally different from Nette 2.1 or older ones. Concept of one big framework is dead. Now we have independent components coupled via bridges.

It brings many benefits:

  • you can use only those components that you really need
  • you can specify version for each component separately
  • releasing fixes for each component can be more faster than releasing whole framework

As long as Nette will be downloaded as ZIP package (in worse case) or installed via composer require nette/nette (in better case), these benefits will be inaccessible. Better way is to enumerate which components and which versions you really need.

So Sandbox now enumerates its dependencies.

The Web Project is new (and experimental) repository with clean web application sketelon. Its intention is to replace nette/nette (ie. composer require nette/nette). Preferred way how to install framework should be

composer create-project nette/web-project

(Feel free to create your own skeleton and publish it on addons.)

Thw Web Project will not probably have version branches, it will simply point to the latest versions.

New versions of Nette will be released as usual and repository nette/nette is not deprecated. It just becomes outdated.