Stop bickering about (semantic) versioning of Nette

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Frequently pull requests and features turn into SEMVER arguments which are quite frankly pointless aggravating and OT.

SEMVER TL;DR: MAJOR Can be non BC; MINOR BC; BUILD Only BC bugfixes.

Applying SEMVER to Nette is purely insane. I don't see it as a single purpose library rather a heap of weakly and strongly dependent code. Put together as a framework for building web apps. (Which I use to make bots and other stuff). With each composer update I expect BC breaks, weird stuff happening and generally spending day or so figuring stuff out. (I praise Linus for git blame)

Hereby I propose to stop bickering about its compliance with SEMVER until the day comes when Nette code will be split into relevant and useful packages.

PS: Feeling good about massive additions for MAJ.MIN+1.BUILD version is childish. Purpose of any versioning is not to feel good about stupid numbers but to be useful and consistent. And only solution for quickly raising MAJOR is splitting code to relevant packages. By consistent I mean with Nette historically or by marking future periodical release cycles not applying SEMVER.

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