nette/database 3.2.1: immutable datetime & reflection

David Grudl
Nette Core | 8179

I have just released Nette Database v3.2.1, which allows you to set date columns to be returned as immutable objects. Specifically, instead of Nette\Utils\DateTime, it uses the new Nette\Database\DateTime, which inherits from DateTimeImmutable.

You can set this in the configuration:

		newDateTime: true

This behavior will be the default starting from version 4.0.

I have also added (experimental) support for database reflection similar to that in Dibi:

$reflection = $connection->getReflection();
foreach ($reflection->tables as $table) {
	echo $table->name;
	echo 'columns:';
	foreach ($table->columns as $column) {
		echo $column->name;

The experimental aspect is that properties are used instead of methods.…e/Reflection