how to use Nette\Forms\Form into component

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hi, im trying to use form into component but it tell me that i have to initialize, im using the last version of nette framework

i have this code by example

namespace Alnux\Nette;

use Exception;
use Nette\Application\UI\Control;
use Nette\Database\Table\Selection;
use Nette\Http\SessionSection;
use Nette\Forms\Form;

class MiniDataGrid extends Control {

    public function loadState(array $params): void {


    public function render(): void  {
        $form = $this->getComponent('contactForm');
        $this->template->hola = 'hola';

        $this->template->render(__DIR__ . '/Templates/hola.latte');

    protected function createComponentContactForm(): Form
		$form = new Form;
		$form->addText('name', 'Name:')
			->setRequired('Enter your name');
		$form->addEmail('email', 'E-mail:')
			->setRequired('Enter your e-mail');
		$form->addTextarea('message', 'Message:')
			->setRequired('Enter message');
		$form->addSubmit('send', 'Send');
		$form->onSuccess[] = [$this, 'contactFormSucceeded'];
		return $form;

    public function contactFormSucceeded(Form $form, $data): void
		// sending an email

but the it show me an exception
Create a form or call Nette\Forms\Form::initialize() before the headers are sent to initialize CSRF protection. (output started at /Volumes/ALLEN-FILES/allenap/Documents/WEB3.0/DOMINIOS/GPS.ALNUXSOFT.COM/www/nette/temp/cache/latte/Common-Templates-@adminpanel.latte--de56674d5e.php:103). targeting the $form->addText(‘name’, ‘Name:’) line.

Could someone help me how to use forms into components and how to render??

really really thanks

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David Grudl
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Use Nette\Application\UI\Form instead of Nette\Forms\Form.