Is it necessary to always catch `Nette\Application\AbortException` when returning a Response from Presenter?

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I was just writing code in our CRM at work and noticed a warning when using $this->sendJson() about unhandled exception Nette\Application\AbortException. I've seen this same warning many times, so I assume every $this->send...() method throws this exception.

Is it then necessary to always wrap the response in a try...catch block? Because sending responses is a pretty common thing, so it seems redundant to always have to catch the AbortException. Is it really necessary and what are the dangers of not handling it?


Marek Bartoš
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AbortException is just internal mechanism for finishing request processing, you may completely ignore it.
I guess you are using PHPStorm? It likes to report most of the exceptions. @DavidGrudl may we change exceptions that are not intended to be caught to extend LogicException instead of Exception? That should suppress all IDE warnings.

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In fact it is dangerous to trying to handle it. As @MarekBartoš already pointed out ot is integral part of how sending respose in Nette works under the hood. It should always bubble up from your action/render methods.