What is neccessary to make the most simple Homepage?

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Hi there!

Sorry I have to ask.. I try to start with Nette,
was even successful with https://doc.nette.org/…rt/home-page
but I do not understand all since my intel is a bit low…

Could someone please show me how to make the
most simple homepage (..“Hello World”..) (without database) ?

	- public/index.php
	- app/Bootstrap.php
	- config/common.neon
	- config/services.neon
	- app/Router/RouterFactory.php
	- app/Presenters/HomepagePresenter.php
	- app/Presenters/templates/@layout.latte
	- app/Presenters/templates/Homepage/default.latte

Are these the minimum necessary files?

There is a nice figure “Life Cycle of Presenter”
but unfortunately only for inside-life of Presenter.
What is the call-chain between the files?
Is there a diagram that shows the functioning in an equal manner?

I had the effect that App\Bootstrap inside index.php was not recognised.

Is there any documentation that would help to understand the system from scratch
without the neccessity to study lots of the API?

BTW – I love the detailed documentation but the very start
is actually yet difficult for me… :/

I tried some of the https://github.com/…repositories
but either directories and files are missing there or I didn't get it..

I would be glad for some advise, and yes – I studied
https://doc.nette.org/…how-it-works and more,
but I'm still on the line…

Hope not to get on your nerves too much – Nicolas

David Grudl
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For such a minimal homepage without database you can take WebProject. Yeah, there are presenters and templates for error pages that could be deleted, so it could be made even more minimal, but I guess it doesn't matter :)

You are right that there is no request flow diagram, I tried to make one, hopefully it doesn't look too complicated. https://doc.nette.org/…how-it-works#…

If you have any specific insights on what to improve in the documentation, I'd be glad for them.

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https://files.nette.org/…est-flow.svg !!
Thanks a lot!!

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