h4kuna/fio-nette – problem with Deprecated Return type

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hi i try create module to send money from our FIO account
everything works, i only get warning

Return type of h4kuna\Fio\Request\Pay\Payment\Property::current() should either be compatible with Iterator::current():
mixed, or the #[\ReturnTypeWillChange] attribute should be used to temporarily suppress the notice

i have php 8.1.13
and nette 3

which library do you use for FIO
i try contributte/fio

but there is only read function, no payment sending

many thanks !

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I don't use fio api client, but I had similar issue with some other api client (gopay I think). There is composer-patches plugin to composer which allows you to patch code in vendor folder. It's really useful, especially for such cases.

Edit: but I have to admit that generating such patch is not a trivial thing if you're not experienced with git. I do it in a way that I clone the patching repo to my dev machine, checkout used tag/branch, make needed changes and then run git diff > my.patch. I copy then the my.patch file to my project, rename it and add to composer patches.

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