QuickLook & Files icons on mac OS for *.latte files

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I want to configure my macOS (10.14 Mojave) for comfortably work with latte templates.
Now *.latte files have blank icons and no Quicklook viewer.

To edit templates in context of PHP-project I use PhpStorm. But for quick looking and fast edit more convenient to use lightweight editor.

If I associate latte files to TextMate or TextWrangler – it won't change the file icons or QuickLook
If I edit file Info.plist into TextMate.app package to use QuickLook for latte type, it works, but the result is unstable, later stops working.

As I see it, the ideal solution would be small dummy application with icon latte.icns and hard/soft link to TextMate.

Does anyone have a successful experience about this problem?

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