RobotLoader always try to load template classes

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I just upgrade nette to 3.1 and on localhost (debugMode=yes) response time was changed from ~200ms to ~5000ms

The problem is that RobotLoader in every request try load some Template Class, witch dont exists and do refreshClasses and adding new missing classes into “missing” list.

When i check cached file in temp/cache/nette.robotLoader there are missing:

'App\\Modules\\Admin\\ChatsDefaultTemplate' => 4,
'App\\Modules\\Admin\\SubscriptionsDefaultTemplate' => 1,

After some requests

'App\\Modules\\Admin\\ChatsDefaultTemplate' => 10,
'App\\Modules\\Admin\\SubscriptionsDefaultTemplate' => 1,
'App\\Modules\\Admin\\ChatsTemplate' => 7,

and so on… i have lot templates, and no template classes.

When i set $robotLoader->setAutoRefresh(false) then its fast (~200ms), but then i have to manage cache :(

Any ideas how to solve this?

David Grudl
Nette Core | 8129

It's a bug. And it was there for a long time 😲

Fixed in RobotLoader v3.3.2