FormSucceed function not called


I have a user registration form.
I can render the form easily using

{control registerForm}

However, I wish to render individual elements within my own CSS layout.
I have been reading the docs at and thought I had a handle on it..

The form name is registerForm, and is created from

protected function createComponentRegisterForm()

The form elements are rendered using:

{form registerForm}
{label first_names /}
{input first_names }


And all works well.
When submitted, the createComponentRegisterForm() is called, however, the Succeed method is never called, as when using:

{control registerForm}

So, the form is an instance of Nette\Forms\Form as per the docs instructions, unlike other forms which use NetNette\Application\UI\Form

So, why is the method registerFormSucceeded() never called, and I need to process the form data in the createComponentRegisterForm() method?

if( $form->isSuccess() )
   /// process the form
Nette Core | 1170

Hi Kevin. Form must be instance of Nette\Application\UI\Form.

Use Nette\Forms\Form only when do you need to use nette/forms without the rest of the nette framework (nette/application, etc).

Example of standalone nette/forms.

$form = new Nette\Forms\Form;

if ($form->isSuccess()) {
	echo 'Form was filled and submitted successfully';

	$values = $form->getValues();