Componette Redesign – new coat for our beloved community project

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Hi guys!

I didn't have so much time for componette last months/year. It's fully autonomous system and it just works. But! I ask my friend @danekkalivoda ( for help and redesign componette. He did excellent job, I think. He's the one that introduced me TailwindCSS (, great utility-first CSS framework.

I am also glad to bring more dev folks to componette team. For example @teekey99 (@rozsival). He and his friends promised me to work on componette portal.

Let's take a look at design.


Landing page

Show me full landing page

Detail page

Show me full detail page


  1. Introduce @rozsival to componette codebase
  2. Get rid of admin module.
  3. Get rid off gulp.
  4. Setup tailwind (
  5. Setup alpine.js (
  6. Apply new design on homepage.
  7. Apply new design on package list (vendor/tag).
  8. Apply new design on package detail.
  9. Get rid of unused stuff.
  10. (…)

Track up-to-date roadmap in Github issue.


You wanna help and don't know where to start? Reach me @felix here or on Slack. We'll find you suitable job.


Feedback is more then welcome. Please, be constructive.