xdebug does not stop on breakpoint in tester (PHPStorm)

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can anyone help me how to debug tests that I run via tester?

Steps to reproduce:

  • Start the script “vendor/bin/tester tests”
  • with these env variables: XDEBUG_CONFIG=remote_enable=1 remote_host=localhost remote_port=9000 idekey=PHPSTORM remote_autostart=1
  • Set breakpoint in any test
  • Start debugging > program does not stop on breakpoint

If I set a breakpoint to vendor/bin/tester than it stops, however, I am not able to continue to my scripts.

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David Matějka
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Hi, i don't recommend (although it may be possible with some effort) debugging tests this way.
Since you can run individual .phpt test files, it is much better to run & debug just a single test file.