Missing Tracy panel with fpm/nginx

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I've run into a rather strange issue with Tracy panel.

I have a small legacy application (think <?php echo “<html>”; ?> kind of stuff). I've added Tracy mainly to get some real time insights into queries.
All goes fine when using the application in a classic Apache + php module with mpm prefork. However, after switching the exact same application with same php.ini and same everything on to an nginx + fpm setup, the panel doesn't show anymore.

I've done some debugging, in that I saw that the panel is added with a register_shutdown_function handler, which seems to trigger as expected.

Under Apache, there's some content appended after the </html> tag, but the same content isn't returned by nginx. I am not entirely sure if there's an nginx setting that I overlooked (I've used nginx for years, reason why I want to move away from Apache – but I've never been in a situation to need content after closing the html of a page).

Has anyone had this issue before? Is there something I'm missing?


David Grudl
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You may have a badly configured nginx. There must be:

location / {
	try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php$is_args$args;