Own logger to Sentry, but keep Tracy's bluescreens

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Hi, I would like to create an own logger, which will be logging to Sentry, but still keeps Tracy bluescreens saved on FTP. So I installed sentry/sdk and created this logger:

namespace Loggers;

use Tracy\ILogger;
use Tracy\Logger;

class SentryLogger implements ILogger
	 * @var ILogger
	private $parentLogger;

	public function __construct($sentryDsn)
		$this->parentLogger = \Tracy\Debugger::getLogger();
		\Sentry\init(['dsn' => $sentryDsn ]);

	public function log($value, $priority = ILogger::INFO)

		$this->parentLogger->log($value, $priority);
		if ($priority === ILogger::EXCEPTION) {

Logging to Sentry works fine, but it seems, that using the Tracy's log function will cause some kind of recurrence and it ends with overload of PHP memory limit.

Could you please show me a way, how to implement a very simple logger with keeping Tracy's bluescreens functional?