Replacing nette.ajax.js Naja or Nittro?

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Hi, we are ditching the good old nette.ajax.js for something more up to date. We are of course considering Naja and Nittro as suggested by official Nette documentation.

  • What is the difference between these products?
  • Are there any reasons to choose one over the other?
  • What to consider when making the decision?
  • What experience if any, do you have with them?
  • Do you suggest another solution?

I understand this is a bit vague question but we simply don't know where to start our research. Any thoughts on this topic would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Both options are valid, nittro is far more robust and full framework for nette that includes a lot more features, Naja is actually more like a replacement for nette.ajax.js
I went with Naja although nittro looked really attempting mostly because I Nittro looked to big and I was afraid it won't be able to keep up with time…