Nette ajax history, backward arrow don't show filters items

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I have filter on eshop for showing items. I used nette.ajax.js. It's working well. But if user selects item and go to detail of the item and after that user uses browser backward arrow I get basic URL without filter parameters (checkboxes is checked, but script show all items without filter – its correct becouse URL i get basic URL).

I found history.ajax.js, but it's not working and I don't know why.

I did:

  • linked history.ajax.js
  • add $.nette.ext(‘history’).cache = false;
  • add to extension in config.neon (ajaxHistory: VojtechDobes\NetteAjax\HistoryExtension)
	$(function () {
        $.nette.ext('history').cache = false;

Is it all what i need for save history?

Thanks you for help.