Not uploading BlueScreen output to S3

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Hi everyone,

First time poster, first time user of Tracy too. I'm not using the Nette framework as my project is already on-going, but I wanted a good debugger to go with it and stumbled across Tracy.

I'm trying to set it up so all files are saved to AWS S3. I've set it up so the S3 wrapper exists and authenticates fine. However, if an exception occurs for example, only the exception.log file appears and not the BlueScreen output.

I did come across, what seems like, the same issue on GitHub, but it was closed without any answers.

The only thing I can work out, is in Tracy/BlueScreen/BlueScreen.php (lines 95–107), where the file is opened to write the exception info to, $handle is just equal to “false”, with no errors at all.

Any guidance or help appreciated – it looks like a fantastic tool and would love to get this working.

For reference, this is how I set it up (this is a snippet of a bigger file):


$s3 = Aws\S3\S3Client::factory([
	'version'	=> 'latest',
	'region' 	=> S3_MAIN_REGION,
	'credentials' => [
		'key'    	=> AWS_KEY,
		'secret' 	=> AWS_SECRET,
	'http' => [
		'verify' => true

/** Load Tracy */
$directory 	= "s3://".S3_MAIN_BUCKET."/debug/tracy";

/** Enable debugger and set it up */
Debugger::enable(Debugger::PRODUCTION, $directory);
Debugger::$logSeverity = E_NOTICE | E_WARNING;