Trying to start using rules, but not sure how they're validated

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I am using this snippet I found in the docs:

$form->addPassword('password', 'Password:')
    // if password is not longer than 5 characters ...
    ->addCondition(Form::MAX_LENGTH, 5)
        // ... then it must contain a number
        ->addRule(Form::PATTERN, 'Must contain number', '.*[0-9].*');

Also, I am using standalone forms, but I am not sure I understand when these rules are checked?
when I click submit, the form goes thru even if the rules in the code above are not met.

1* Is there an extra step I am missing to validate these rules?

Another thing I am noticing is when I create a field like this:
$form['section']->setRequired('Select a section!!!')->setPrompt('Select a seating section');

I never see the setRequired message anywhere, even when I enable nette.js, this is the HTML and you can see the error is in the data json, but the window only says “This field is required”, see this image:

2* Are these limitations when using standalone forms?

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