Integrate BulkGate SMS Gateway into Nette

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Simplify your work! Integrate the SMS Gateway quickly and easily into your projects using the complete package for quick connection of SMS Gateway into Nette.

Supported features

  • Fast SMS notification
  • Bulk SMS
  • SMS personalization
  • SenderID setting (text number, own number, short code) – possibility to set each separately
  • Checking the accuracy of the number format, replenishment of the destination prefix
  • Simple configuration of the SDK on the BulkGate Portal
  • Simple object interface
  • Tracy panel with the sent messages
  • SDK supports PHP versions PHP 5.4+ and 7.1+
  • Global reach
  • SMS support + other communication channels in progress

Basic usage

composer require bulkgate/sms
Extension registration
    bulkgate: BulkGate\Message\Bridges\MessageDI\MessageExtension

    application_id: <APPLICATION_ID>
    application_token: <APPLICATION_TOKEN>
Usage in the Presenter
<?php declare(strict_types=1);

namespace BulkGate\Presenters;

use BulkGate, Nette;

class SdkPresenter extends Nette\Application\UI\Presenter
    /** @var BulkGate\Sms\ISender @inject */
    public $sender;

    public function actionDefault()
        $this->sender->send(new BulkGate\Sms\Message('420777777777', 'message text'));


Affiliate program for developers

  • Registrate yourself as an developer and earn 5–7% commission on every message your customer sends.
  • Management of the connected accounts directly in the BulkGate Portal
  • Look how the affiliate program works how the affiliate program works

SMS Gateway BulkGate

  • BulkGate is the SMS Gateway with a global coverage
  • BulkGate SMS Gateway uses direct connection to mobile operators and provides great SMS prices, which saves money to your clients.
  • BulkGate has found its clients in more than 170 countries all over the world. Thanks to this it can offer functional and proven SMS solution suitable for international projects.
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Hi, how can I make scheduled message with this package? In http request it´s possible, thanks.