how to use component in Nette ?

2 years ago

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hi, i am back in may be two years

nette is quite differet as i know in my last project

can ypo help me, how to use datetime component ?

i like this:…etimepicker/

i try as is written on autors page:

Example of using DI extension

  tbDatePicker: RadekDostal\NetteComponents\DateTimePicker\TbDatePicker\DI\TbDatePickerExtension

  format: j. n. Y

but i dont know where i should put files with this library

can ypu help me please

sorry for stupid question


2 years ago

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If you want basic datepicker for inputs, you really don't need to use these. Just use some front-end library (javascript), and do simple validation on back-end. This looks like an overkill to me (and also have old dependencies. Also I think that you really don't need to make dependency on Jquery UI, which is gigantic nonsense). If you need help with lightweight datepicker for your forms, write me PM, will help you.

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