How to get more control where warnings and dumps are shown?

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I would like to find a way to have more control which stuff should be printed into the tracy-bar or vanilla-like into the document itself.

1. Related to warnings it is really annoying to get them only in the tracy-bar when you dump trough the loop while processing data. You see in the tracy-bar an error-message and on which line it happens, but you can't determine the position in your loop because the error wasn't printed into the document where you dumped information (like id) to determine the failing record.

Sure, I could debug everything but sometimes you want to dump the content and determine the record in a script installed on a prod-machine which doesn't have xdebug installed.

2. Related to bdump I would like to know if there is an option to allow to print bdumps at the same time into the tracy-bar AND into the `document itself. (combining dump/bdump on special cases)

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I dump production data and debug it on localhost/dev env. It is better than changing production code.