Get wrapping container of control prototype

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in a custom renderer I need to assign a class attribute to a specific control type's container.

Therefore I need to get the control's wrapping container HTML template.

In my render() method I have this

foreach ($form->getControls() as $control) {
	if ($control instanceof Controls\Button) {
		$control->getControlPrototype()->getWrapper()->addClass('myClass'); // dummy method getWrapper() - is there sth like this?

I searched the API ref but couldn't find a method for this in…ls/Html.html

In the __construct() method each control gets a wrapper like this

$this->wrappers['control']['container'] = 'div class=col-sm-10';

I cannot apply the class to the container in the __construct() method because this would apply it to all controls

Also tried to search from the form's elemtPrototype downwards. But


returns an empty array.

And the Basecontrol class (…Control.html) also has no Method to get to the wrapping container.

So how could I accomplish this?