I like Nette how as a community can we get it to be more popular

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I like Nette how as a community can we get it to be more popular, I don't see as many people writing articles and blog posts about Nette as I do Laravel. I find Nette much more comfortable as a framework then Laravel which tends to overly opinionated and complex sometimes.

How can we get the word out, I know people are using it, are there not enough English writers in the community to use it.

I have yet to see anyone write about upcoming changes to the Nette 3.0 release or anyone actually using it.

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It's mostly czech framework and outside of cz very few devs are using it. Biggest issue is documentation, tutorials, blogs. Everything is in Cz. I took over project 3–4 years ago in nette and then had to learn it. I was amazed how good it was compared to other top frameworks. It's not easy to find frameworks that are pushing clean code and SOLID principles in PHP and nette here is definitivelly one of the best frameworks in PHP (best that I know IMHO). But it was also to hard on many cases because some parts of framework didn't had any documentation in English but I had to read articles on Czech with google translate. IMHO Nette would be on of the most popular framework if all web page/forum and documentation was done exclusevily on english without czech part at all.

Tomáš Votruba
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I will review and publish any post in English about Nette sent as Pull Request to PHP community blog: https://pehapkari.cz/blog/

To make it simple:

That's it :)

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Another idea to increase the visibility and popularity of Nette is to make integrations with popular systems such as WordPress, Drupal, etc. Those projects have large communities, and could benefit greatly from Nette or from various parts of Nette (such as the database interface). I personally would love to see Nette components become more accessible to users of WordPress, etc., who are mostly novice users but who could benefit greatly from Nette components.