Netbeans plugin for nette scaffolding

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Is there any plugin to netbeans which helps me with scaffolding about nette?

For example link new service to some service, usually i need to link 5 services for example and it takes long time.

U need to write

use Model\ProductStockMarkets\ProductStockMarketRepositoryService;

then you have to write

/** @var ProductStockMarketRepositoryService */
protected $productStockMarketRepositoryService;


public function __construct(ProductStockMarketRepositoryService $productStockMarketRepositoryService)
$this->productStockMarketRepositoryService = $productStockMarketRepositoryService;

and next service again and again, there is lot of places which could be optimized when you developing nette project.

any suggestions?


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use live templates if this is too much work for you…
in phpstorm i do it this way:

  1. create constructor via __con, shift+space, enter
  2. add parameter via psmrs, tab, space, shift+space, enter
  3. alt+enter, initialize fields

and i am done in 5 seconds (maybe less)

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my idea is just

write use and with autocomplete choose the right service,

after that alt+insert there will be Generate service and all done

this would be my solution…nerator.html

i dont know why but i am not abble to create it, maybe you need java edition of netbeans yes? as this is written in java

but i tried to code php in ATOM, but i was not abble to set it correctly autocomplete nor navigation doesnt work for me … is there somebody who get ATOM work for php?…egrator-base

i am interested if ATOM and php coding is usable