How to add %appDir% like parameter to “includes” section of config.neon?

Tomáš Votruba
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I load config with Nette\DI\Config\Loader, which also covers includes.

$neonLoader = new Nette\DI\Config\Loader;
$neonLoader->load(__DIR__ . '/vendor/another-package/custom.neon');

I have a config that can be in monorepo and dependency = 2 different locations.

It uses .neon relative path, that works for only 1 location:

	- vendor/package/ecs/psr2.neon

In other location, it tries to load vendor/another-packages/vendor/package/ecs/psr2.neon.

This could be fixed by using variable like:

	- %getCwd%/vendor/package/ecs/psr2.neon

But how to achieve that, since Nette\DI\Config\Loader->load() only accepts files?

Or any other ideas how to achieve this? Thank you

Something like %kernel.project_dir% in Symfony Kernel

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