Modular system with extension components

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Hi, I've created some systems and everytime, had to solve some modularity. For example imagine Person detail page.
There are two main columns(left is with box and person information in there, right is with box for person files, person images etc.). Then will come SMS modul. One function is inject to right column box which able you to send SMS to this person. So you install modul over composer a have to add component to presenter and then edit action template.

So I decide to create agenda system. Every presenter has own agenda(for keeping clean presenter without tons of components). This agendas are registered as component in DIC and are extended by BaseContainer class which is just another component(just container for components where you can define wrapper HTML for example bootstrap's <div class="col-sm-12"></div>). So if you install new modul, it's just look for PersonAgenda server. Take right column component and over addComponent inject own SMS box.

What you think about? Did someone create something similiar?