how focus right text field on custom form field template

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hi there , tell this is very dificult to me becouse i am spanish language mother.
well i made the next form

public function VentaEmpresaForm()
		$this->form->addText('cliente_id', 'Cliente')
			->setAttribute('placeholder', 'Seleccione el cliente')
			->addRule(Form::MAX_LENGTH, 'Maximo de caracteres %d',100)
			->addRule(Form::PATTERN, 'Solo puede usar números, letras, espacios y puntos','[a-zA-ZñÑ0-9. ]+');

		$this->form->addText('estado', 'Estado')
			->setRequired('Estado de la venta venta')
			->setAttribute('placeholder', 'Estado de la venta')
			->addRule(Form::MAX_LENGTH, 'Maximo de caracteres %d',100)
			->addRule(Form::PATTERN, 'Solo puede usar letras numeros y espacio','[a-zA-ZñÑ0-9 ]+');

                    '{"1":3.5}'=>"Hielo grande",
                    '{"2":2.5}'=>"Hielo pequeño",

                $this->form->addCheckboxList('productos_raw', 'Producto Raw', $prod_raw);


                $this->form->addText('cantidad', 'Cantidad')
			->setAttribute('placeholder', 'Cantidad del producto')
			->addRule(Form::MAX_LENGTH, 'Maximo de caracteres %d',45)
			->addRule(Form::PATTERN, 'Solo puede usar números','[0-9]+');

		$this->form->addText('observaciones', 'Observaciones')
			->setAttribute('rows', 4)
			->setAttribute('placeholder', 'Por favor ingrese las observaciones de la venta')
			->addRule(Form::MAX_LENGTH, 'Maximo de caracteres %d',250)
			->addRule(Form::PATTERN, 'Solo puede usar letras, numeros, signos + - /','[a-zA-ZñÑ0-9. +-/]+');

			$this->form->addSubmit('send', 'Realizar Venta');

			$this->form->addSubmit('send', 'Editar Venta');

		$this->form->onSuccess[] = callback($this, 'VentaEmpresaProcess');
		return $this->form;

and i made a dynamic template form

{foreach $form['productos_raw']->items as $key => $item}
    {var $nombreid = str_replace(' ', '', $item)}
    {var $productoid = 'producto'.$nombreid}
        <input n:name="productos_raw:$key" id="{$nombreid}" onchange="insertarProducto({$nombreid})"> {$item}
    <div id="producto{$nombreid}" style="display:none;" class="form-group" onmouseover="divFocus({$productoid})">
    <span n:ifset="$form['productos_raw']->errors[0]" style="color:red; font-size:small; opacity:0.4;">
    {input $form['producto_id']->name name=>"{$form['producto_id']->name}[]", id=>"{$form['producto_id']->name}", class=>"form-control"}
    {input $form['preciounitario']->name name=>"{$form['preciounitario']->name}[]", id=>"{$form['preciounitario']->name}", class=>"form-control"}
    {input $form['cantidad']->name name=>"{$form['cantidad']->name}[]", id=>"{$form['cantidad']->name}", class=>"form-control", type=>"number",min=>"1", onchange=>"obtenerMonto()"}
    {input $form['observaciones']->name name=>"{$form['observaciones']->name}[]", id=>"{$form['observaciones']->name}", class=>"form-control"}

if you see on template i declare text fields as arrays instead of regular field


the question is when i type a incorrect key (like return key) it show me the error alert But as there are several fields with the same name (with[]) the focus goes to the first one of the same name Although I was wrong in the second one, how can i made that the focus goes to the one that i made the wrong input

i hope that you understand me

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Hello, don't know if I understood it correctly, but are you looking for this (autofocus attribute)?…utofocus.asp

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sorry but that one is when the page loads, my problem is when the data-nette-rules detect an error the focus goes to the first one of field text array there is, even if I make the mistake in the second field.

please saw on template code.

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