form on a page after ForbiddenRequestException

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I came by a problem I cannot solve.

I have Sign-in form as a component and BasePresenter is putting it into every page. When you sign-in you are redirected to the same page, until it is explicitly said otherwise. Everything works as intended until the ForbiddenRequestException is thrown. As some pages require user to be logged-in, the application throws the above mentioned ForbiddenRequestException, when user tries to visit the protected page and the ‘access denied’ page is shown.

My intention is to have a Sign-in form on that page, so you can sign-in and see the protected page.
The problem is, that the form itself has action set to /error/, even when the address bar shows the URL of the protected page, and when I submit it, the page reloads, but nothing else happens. It looks like the exception is still in place and thus prevent the application from processing the Sign-in form.

Can you give me some advice, please?

I am using Nette 2.4 2017–01–19.

PS: I presume you need to see some parts of my code, right? Which ones?