Bot induced BadSignalExceptions are polluting logs

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I have problem with bots (who hasn't). They are trying signals which are not present within my code and they are contaminating my log files, taking my time when analysing and making it very hard to spot a real problem if one occurs.

It seems that bots are trying links from previous version of the website, since example URL's that are producing these issues are:

  • “www.domain.tld/?situationCategory-id=40&do=situationCategory-select”
  • “www.domain.tld/?do=productBlock-17-button-show”
  • “www.domain.tld/?do=priceblock-button-add”
  • “www.domain.tld/?vp-page=2&do=vp-click”
  • “www.domain.tld/?do=productBlock-26-buttonwithout-add”

While I'm setting up Sentry to help me with bug tracking, is there any way to disable logging for BadSignalExceptions for bots?

Thanks for suggestions :)

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