Nette Framework 2.2.12 released

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David Grudl
Nette Core | 7986

Nette Framework 2.2.12 has just been released.

  • compatiblity with PHP 7, supports Throwable etc…
  • Route: action is mandatory when defined as ‘Presenter:’
  • Cache: fixed deadlock when exception is thrown in fallback
  • ControlGroup::add() validation fixed; typos
  • netteForms.js: validator ‘equal’ compares values as PHP strings
  • netteForms.js: fixed freeze browser on email validation nette/nette#1540
  • netteForms: updated regexp for URL and email validation nette/nette#1539
  • SmtpMailer: improved exception message on write failure
  • Neon Encoder: removed trailing spaces nette/neon#20
  • Neon Decoder: fixed support for hex numbers in PHP 7
  • Validator::is: fixed value overwriting
  • Random: use random_int() on PHP 7
  • Random: charlist now contains only unique characters
  • Random: rejects openssl_random_pseudo_bytes result when is not cryptographically strong
  • Random: skips microtime(), str_shuffle() and lcg_value() when cryptographically strong source is used
  • Image: fixed color allocation in palette-based images
  • Latte Parser: used possessive quantifiers and atomic grouping
  • Latte Filters: improved HTML comments escaping #87
  • Latte microoptimizations
  • BlockMacros: fixed triming of block nette/latte#83
  • BlockMacros: fixed child template without block nette/latte#80
  • added Helpers::getClass() class name can contain control characters in PHP 7
  • Helpers::editorUri default $line is 1; line is required by open-editor.js
  • Helpers::editorLink() improved way how file names are shortened

For the details you can have a look at: application, caching, forms, mail, neon, utils, latte + previous, tracy.