Nette Framework 2.3.8 released

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David Grudl
Nette Core | 7983

Nette Framework 2.3.8 has just been released.

  • compatiblity with PHP 7, supports Throwable etc…
  • Route: action is mandatory when defined as ‘Presenter:’
  • UIMacros: better error message
  • TracyBridge: prints template name although is not file
  • Configurator: DI container cache key depends on PHP minor version
  • Cache: fixed deadlock when exception is thrown in fallback nette/caching#36
  • CacheMacro: added warning Modifiers are not allowed here
  • Selection::insert() fixed delimiting of FQN sequence name like ‘aaa.bbb’ nette/database#108
  • ActiveRow: optimization
  • tested on AppVeyor
  • DI: Compiler, CompilerExtension: shows suggestions for unexpected config items and extensions, better error message
  • FormMacros: added warnings Modifiers are not allowed here
  • Form::$onSuccess and Container::$onValidate must be array of Traversable
  • netteForms: updated regexp for URL and email validation nette/nette#1539 nette/nette#1540
  • SmtpMailer: used stream_socket_client instead of fsockopen nette/mail#19
  • Messages: fixed regexp for propagating links nette/mail#18
  • PhpGenerator: ClassType, Method: class types are not resolved when namespace is not specified nette/php-generator#21
  • Strings::toAscii() optimization
  • ObjectMixin::getSuggestion() better balance, replacement of prefix get|set|add|has|is costs 20
  • Callback::invokeSafe() removes function name also with arguments from error message
  • Latte Parser: used possessive quantifiers and atomic grouping (prevents 500 error)
  • Engine: throws CompileException when template contains parse error
  • CoreMacros: {else if} throws warning “Did you mean {elseif}”
  • Macroset: checks for allowed arguments
  • Latte Filters: improved HTML comments escaping nette/latte#87
  • Debugger: reserves some memory that is used when error “Allowed Memory Exhausted” occurs
  • Debugger: cleans output buffers on strictMode error
  • Debugger: error exit code changed from 254 to 255 for Error
  • Debugger: more readable exceptions in console
  • Helpers::editorUri default $line is 1; line is required by open-editor.js
  • Dumper: fixed live-dumping of floats like ‘1.0’
  • bluescreen: bigger exception/error message

For the details you can have a look at: application, bootstrap, caching, database, deprecated, di, forms, mail, php-generator, utils, latte + previous, tracy + previous.

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Any benchmark available ? :)

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@majky358 DIY ;)