Nette Framework 2.3.7 released

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David Grudl
Nette Core | 8173

Nette Framework 2.3.7 has just been released.

„Did you mean?“ feature

  • Database Row, ActiveRow: shows suggestions for undeclared columns
  • Tracy: shows suggestions for some errors and notices (see)
  • Nette\Object: suggestions for undeclared methods and properties (see)
  • Latte: missing macros and filters
  • component Container: shows suggestions for missing components


  • RoutingPanel: redesign, added HTTP method
  • Presenter: better exception messages
  • PresenterComponentReflection::convertType() support for all built-in PHP typehints
  • PresenterComponentReflection::convertType() converts NULL to appropriate type
  • added Nette\Application\Responses\CallbackResponse
  • ErrorPresenter: returns CallbackResponse
  • removed rarely used @property phpDoc


  • Selection: Fixed infinite loop when accessing to deleted row
  • SqlsrvDriver: support for limit and offset on SQL Server 2012
  • drivers: fixed applyLimit for $limit = 0
  • drivers: applyLimit() throws exception for negative values (but not when you use page())
  • Selection: fixed bug with zero in primary key
  • Selection: referenced cache cleared only for root selection (not in GroupedSelection)
  • SqlsrvDriver::applyLimit(): supports keywords DISTINCT and ALL after SELECT
  • SqlBuilder: removed “AS” keyword in JOINs
  • Structure: added columns analyze for views


  • ContainerBuilder: added support for PHP7 type hints
  • DecoratorExtension: implemented decorating by factory interface
  • PhpExtension: NULLs are skipped.
  • NeonAdapter: fixed dump() for data with simple Nette\DI\Statement


  • CheckboxList: added containerPrototype and itemLabelPrototype
  • FormMacros: added warnings Modifiers are not allowed here
  • Form::$onSuccess and Container::$onValidate must be array or Traversable
  • netteForms: updated regexp for URL and email validation


  • Message: propagates links target from HTML message to plaintext version


  • added support for anonymous classes
  • Method, Parameter: added support for PHP 7 type hints
  • Method, Parameter, Property: added constructors
  • PhpNamespace::unresolveName() supports for built-in types and PHP 7 types


  • Debugger::barDump() dumps basic location by default
  • Helpers::editorLink() improved way how file names are shortened
  • Logger: fixed severity in formatMessage()
  • fixes for PHP 7, added new examples


  • added warnings: Modifiers are not allowed here
  • BlockMacros: fixed trimming of block
  • BlockMacros: fixed child template without block
  • Parser: fixed substr_count() error on empty string


  • Random: use random_int() on PHP 7
  • Random: charlist now contains only unique characters
  • Random: rejects openssl_random_pseudo_bytes result when it is not cryptographically strong
  • Image: fixed color allocation in palette-based images
  • ObjectMixin: added getExtensionMethods()
  • ObjectMixin: added warning when method-getter is used by mistake (for getters without parameters) (BC break) See note.


  • Error & Error4xx presenters

For the details you can have a look at: application, component-model, database + previous, di, forms, mail, php-generator + previous, utils + previous, latte, tracy.

Member | 392

ad “Form::$onSuccess and Container::$onValidate must be array of Traversable” – did you mean “array or Traversable”?

David Grudl
Nette Core | 8173

Release 2.3.7 fixes bug in Presenter and replaces yesteray's 2.3.6.

Member | 221

David, thank you for your great work!
But I think, there is an BC break in Forms – “CheckboxList: added containerPrototype and itemLabelPrototype”.

Nette 2.3.5 (nette/forms 2.3.4):

$regions = $container->addCheckboxList('regions', NULL, $this->regionsList);

Nette\Utils\Html #08ec
  name private => "label" (5)
  isEmpty private => FALSE
  attrs => array ()
  children protected => array ()

Nette\Utils\Html #8e27
  name private => ""
  isEmpty private => FALSE
  attrs => array (1)
    class => "checkbox-inline" (15)
  children protected => array ()


<label class="checkbox-inline">

Nette 2.3.7 (nette/forms 2.3.5):

produces only


I have to use the new method getItemLabelPrototype() to generate class=“checkbox-inline”.

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@radas Oh boy. That commit was not intended for 2.3. :-(

David Grudl
Nette Core | 8173

Damn, I didn't realized, that this is BC break, because this was not. I'll fix it.

Member | 4

Why did you add warning “Modifiers are not allowed here”? I want to use “filtered” variable in condition?

I have something like this:
{var $replacedEmail = $code|replaceEmail;}
{if !empty($replacedEmail)}

Can you explain me how I can resolved this? Thank you :)

David Grudl
Nette Core | 8173

@w3r0 Because this has never worked. {var $replacedEmail = $code|replaceEmail} is exactly the same as {var $replacedEmail = $code}; modifier is not processed here. Previously was modifier ignored, now Latte warns you.

Syntax {var $replacedEmail = $code|replaceEmail} will be supported in next major release of Latte.

David Matějka
Moderator | 6445

@w3r0 Currently you can use

{var $replacedEmail = $template->replaceEmail($code)}
Member | 4

Thank you @DavidGrudl for the warning, it's bug in my project, I'm gonna fix it. Thank you @DavidMatějka for solution of my issue.