Nette Framework 2.3.5 released

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David Grudl
Nette Core | 7983

Nette Framework 2.3.5 has just been released.

  • Presenter: fixed signal in POST in ajax request
  • Selection: added fetchField()
  • Structure: added rebuild when table not exists in cache
  • Structure: throws proper exception when table doesn't exists
  • Neon\Encoder: added support for entity chaining
  • PhpGenerator, added support for build-in types callable, self, parent, better whitespace usage
  • Strings: added const for trim method whitespace charset
  • Json: accept whitespace-surrounded “null” for decode() as it is a valid JSON text
  • Image: fix exception message
  • Html, Latte: chars ‘<’ in attributes are encoded in XHTML
  • Latte\Engine: added warmupCache()
  • Debugger Bar: fixed dragging in Firefox when cursor leaves the browser window
  • BlueScreen: collapse paths usable with files
  • Logger: better readability of exception file name

For the details you can have a look at the diffs: application, database, neon, php-generator, utils, latte, tracy.