Nette Framework 2.3.3 released

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David Grudl
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Nette Framework 2.3.3 has just been released and is now available for download. Feel free to update!

  • Configurator: DecoratorExtension is called after ApplicationExtension to allow decorate presenters
  • Component: attached() is called only once for each object
  • Database: Selection: Related prototype depends on specific cache key
  • DI: ContainerBuilder::removeDefinition() removes definition from $classes
  • netteForms.js: works only with Nette forms, fixed toggle in IE < 9
  • Checkbox, CheckboxList, RadioList: fixed rendering of <label n:name> and <label n:name />
  • Nette\Http\Helpers: fixed bug in ipMatch() for IPv4
  • SmtpMailer: improved exception message on write failure
  • Nette\Mail\Message: added getAttachments()
  • Image::fromString() undeprecated argument $format
  • Arrays: added pick() – picks element from the array by key and return its value
  • Strings: added after() and before()

For the details you can have a look at the diffs: bootstrap, component-model, database, di, forms, http, mail, utils.

Also, a new version of nette/cache 2.4.0 has been released too.

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How install nette/cache 2.4.0 via composer?

nette/nette 2.3.3 is not compatible?