Migrating from nette 0.9.7 for PHP5.2 prefixed to

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Hi everyone,
I took over application that's written in Nette 0.9.7 prefixed version for php 5.2
Final step would be to get with her to newest version of Nette if possible.
I know it's a long way, application is not small one, so for first step I thought it would be good to go from 0.9.7 prefixed with PHP 5.2 to 0.9 for PHP 5.3 and at least get namespaces first, and we should only concentrate on this one for now, after this is fully working I can start thinking on Nette 2.X. Is there maybe some tool that can help me? Do you have some suggestions for me?

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This czech-written thread may help.

For namespacing, download 2.0.x version. There are migration scipts/helpers in tools folder.

Starts with namespacing is imho good start. Than to 2.0.newest and than directly to 2.3. The most difficult part will be get rid of Environment. Thrown exceptions are usually self-explanational and release notes should help.