Enriching presenter with user filled data

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I would like to ask you what's your approach to the following problem:
I have some pages which have content generated by administration users using WYWIWYG editor. I also store additional data like page name, header, metadata and simply show all that in my PagePresenter.

However, I would also like to manage these data in pages which have dynamic components (like blog articles, shopping cart, etc.) and I obviously don't want to give client the ability to mess with the components. So ideally, I want to have some form in which I can fill all the data (including page URL) and maybe some link to the actual presenter, which contains the components. How is that done? All I came with was maybe one single presenter to which all the request will be routed and which will then forward to actual presenter and add some user data along the way.

Is my idea viable? How do you solve this? Thanks for any advice.