Plural and inflection doesn't work in h4kuna/gettext-latte

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I'm creating application using Nette 2.2 and h4kuna/gettext-latte translation add-on. Add-on is installed according to manual on…ettext-latte. In template I am able to use singular form of strings without any problems, but when I try to use plural function _n, application ends with parse error. In my template.latte:

{_n'%s okno', $count}

I even tried older syntax with the same result:

{$count} {_n'okno', 'okna', $count}

Tracy gives me following parse error:

syntax error, unexpected ''%s okno'' (T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING)

parsed template bellow this error:

<?php echo Latte\Runtime\Filters::escapeHtml($template->translate(n'%s okno', $count), ENT_NOQUOTES) ?>

I'm newbie in Nette, does anybody experienced similar problem?

Thanks to all in advance.