Nette Framework 2.2.8 released

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David Grudl
Nette Core | 7935

Nette Framework 2.2.8 has just been released and is now available for download. Feel free to update!

  • Routing: speed optimization
  • MicroPresenter: bug fixes
  • Configurator::setDebugMode() accepts only bool / string / array
  • NetteExtension: headers are not send and session is not started in CLI mode
  • Cache::load() fixed receiving dependencies as reference
  • Container::getComponent() uses better exception message when component has parent
  • Database: table and column names in joins can begin with number or underscore
  • PgSqlDriver: fixed formatLike() nette/database#46
  • Database\Connection & Context: undeprecated some methods, refactoring
  • DI\ContainerFactory: fixed thread-safety issues
  • fixed some limitations of netteForms.js
  • Session::configure() do not override setHandler
  • HttpRequest: drops non-UTF8 strings, but control characters only removes
  • Session: fix handling exceptions thrown from SessionHandlerInterface
  • Latte: fixed syntax=off
  • Latte: whitespace moved after closing tag for shortcuts like <element />
  • PhpGenerator: new line after multiline phpDocs removed
  • Identity: fixed conversion of big ints nette/nette#1520
  • Tracy\Bar: fixed reloading of (empty) panel in external windows
  • Tracy\Bar: is ready for SVG icons
  • Strings::toAscii() converts degree sign to ^ and removes \x80-\xFF chars
  • Strings::webalize() converts non-breaking space … ™ ® etc in glibc mode
  • Image::place() fixed unexpected output with transparency image #56
  • Validators::isUrl: underscored subdomain support added

For the details you can have a look at the diffs: application, bootstrap, caching, component-model, database, di, forms, http, php-generator, security, utils, latte, tracy.