how to enable the user session icon on tracy

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Hi there my question is how to enable the user session params on tracy ???? becouse from the lastest nette version 2.2.6 i cant see the person icon on tracy that show me the user params session

David Kudera
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what an coincidence… I was debugging that for a few hours today and then, I remembered one commit at nette/security and bingo… So you need to use older version of nette (2.2.3), new version of nette/security, which is already fixed (but you will also need new version of tracy) or dev version of nette itself.

Edit: or get over it like myself… at least for today

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thanks thats fix it

6 years ago
David Kudera:

Oh, I forgot to mention probably the most simple (temporary) solution, which is just extending that class, make your changes and then register it on your own..

6 years ago