Nette Framework 2.1.5 released!

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David Grudl
Nette Core | 7929

Nette Framework 2.1.5 has just been released and is now available for download. Feel free to update!

  • new way how to detect errors in native PHP function (used in Session, Mail, Strings, …)
  • Configurator::setDebugMode() without argument uses autodetection
  • DI: fixed inheritance
  • DI: better exception messages
  • Forms: fixed erasing of manually added errors via addError
  • Forms: fixed getHttpData() for multiple file uploads
  • Latte: macro {includeblock} gently trims output
  • Http\Response: added $warnOnBuffer
  • Mail: fixed headers encoding…ail/issues/4
  • Mail: setHtmlBody() decodes %XX in URL
  • PhpGenerator: ClassType::from processes only own properties
  • PhpGenerator: fixed dumping of non-public properties

For the details you can have a look at the diff.