Your development environment, workflow and best practices

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Hi guys,

I was just wondering how to improve my dev environment and I raised few questions about best practices.

How does your dev environment look like?
Are you using unit tests? How do you run them? Are you using jenkins or similar product?
Are you working alone? If you are working in team, what is your workflow?
What is your deployment workflow?
How do you deal with databases changes?
Are you using git/svn/mercurial?
Are you monitoring errors on production? How?
… any other note related to this subject?

My current situation:

  • one man
  • project's dev environment running on the same server as production, only using another subdomain
  • mostly using the same database, only in some cases I clone the production one
  • no version control
  • no unit tests
  • deploy process is just renaming folders


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  • team of 2 or 3 people
  • each member has their own local server and there is a shared database within all of us
  • Git + David's deployment tool (sadly not much usable because of this )
  • no unit tests; standard Nette logs

For me, the real pain is database versioning. We'd love to track changes as easy as with files using Git. Also deployment process would be much cleaner if it also contained database altering.

I even tried to use Adminer's “alter export” in some automated deploy process, but it didn't go very well. I guess it is easier to track changes when using Doctrine or some other “generated” database. But I'd say most of the people use simple NDB/NotORM/dibi solutions.
It would be nice if someone shared their wisdom :)