Happy New Release 2.0.14!

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David Grudl
Nette Core | 8040

Nette Framework 2.0.14 has just been released and is now available for download. Feel free to update!

It contains a lot of fixes and improvements:

  • UI\Presenter: fixed canonicalize with components #545 and making relative URLs #1201
  • UI\Presenter: sends HTTP header Vary: X-Requested-With #1133
  • Database: SqlPreprocessor ignores placeholders in comments #1293
  • Database: added limit for logged queries into Debugger Bar commit
  • Forms: removed usage of Environment (when addProtection() is not used)
  • netteForms.js: toggles are attached on changed event #1087
  • Latte: added modifier |safeUrl, white list for http & ftp URL: <a href="{$url|safeUrl}">
  • Latte: added modifier {foreach |noiterator}
  • Latte: is faster and uses less memory thanks to removing the function extract()
  • Latte: improved auto-quoting in some expressions
  • Latte: fixed processing and escaping of XML
  • Nette\DateTime: works with UNIX timestamps bigger than 32bits
  • Debugger: Logger: HTTP_HOST is sanitized
  • and one more thing: keyword final from all methods and classes has been removed

For the details about the changes you can have a look at the Github diff.

Please Note: This is the last regular release of the 2.0 series. All users are encouraged to upgrade to Nette Framework 2.1. The 2.0 series will receive only security fixes for year 2014. This is also last release for PHP 5.2. For migration to namespaced version you can use script migrate-53.php.