Nette Framework 2.0.3 released!

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David Grudl
Nette Core | 7929

Nette Framework 2.0.3 has just been released. It contains some minor improvements and bug fixes mainly for Database and NetteExtension, contributed by 14 authors.


  • Added $_SESSION to Debugger bluescreen.
  • Added syntax highlighted dump() in Linux.
  • Tests runs in parallel (reduce time from 2 minutes to 10 seconds).
  • Nette becomes a Composer package.


  • Default value of header X-Frame-Options is now sameorigin
  • Default value of session autoStart changed to smart.
  • Introduces method Nette\Config\Configurator::setDebugMode() used to replace setProductionMode().

For the details about the changes you can have a look at the Github diff.

Jan Tvrdík
Nette guru | 2595

Some other changes worth mentioning:


  • Latte: added support for {form $form} (8d60c77)
  • Cache::wrap() accepts dependencies as second parameter (4233ada)
  • Html: added method __isset() for testing presence of attribute (9864d07)
  • Template helpers: added reverse (47949ee)
  • Template: added getHelperLoaders() (2102238)


  • Security\User: onLoggedOut is triggered before user is logged out (5a8d5c9)
  • Presenter::getPayload() is no longer final (94d47dc)
  • DI\IContainer is deprecated (3ecec64)

Bug fixes:

  • Multiplier breaks snippets invalidation in children controls (dc53634, issue #390)

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