Weekend Extension Challenge – Rules

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This thread purpose to keep rules and questions about them.


Weekend extension challenge #1 – Multiple logger and one implementation for getsentry.com


  • Each challenge last from Friday 1700 (announcement) till Monday 0800 CET. Winner will be announced at Monday or Tuesday.
  • First and foremost KISS. Well thought out hack before over-engineered. Robust before brittle.
  • I'm judge jury and merger.
  • Join by replying in thread I am joining. or I with <name>[[, <name>] and <name>] are joining.
  • First one to join has highest priority (chance to win main bounty).
  • Teams must have captain (he will communicate and receive bounty).
  • English language only (that includes documentation, tests and comments).
  • Pull requests by author(s) don't count towards pull bounty in first week. Delaying pull requests by author(s) will be frowned upon.
  • No stupid arguments (this challenge is supposed to save my time not the opposite).
  • Ask for your bounty only via email mishak@mishak.net. Query must include Bitcoin address, reason, amount and all necessary links (can be written in Czech).


  • extension – 0.025 BTC (sent after publishing extension)
  • pull requests – 0.005 BTC (only first five; at most one month from publishing; bounty sent on merge)
  • extension quality – if in one week time there is none or less then 5 merged pull requests – 0.025 – (0.005 * $numberOfPullReuests) BTC is sent to author (one week from announcement)

What can be done after

  • [polishing] Readme page (formatted in markdown) with brief introduction and at least one example.
  • [polishing] Code must abide Nette Coding Standart.
  • [polishing] Namespace Rixxi/<Extension>
  • [polishing] Package rixxi/<extension> (following style of rixxi/user) with BSD, GPL 2 and 3 licensing (same license).
  • [optional] Documentation
  • [optional] Tests


Total of 0.05 BTC in bounty (plus 0.025 BTC for late pull requests). Half is buffer for useful pull requests. You can get 0.05 BTC and contributors 0.025 if contributions are after 7 days and before 30 days from publishing. Rules can change but I will try keeping the spirit and bounty of this challenge same.
1 BTC is about 500–1000 USD you do the math.


  • Only join if you mean it and have enough time to finish it (since I suspect there won't be more then two or three teams competing)
  • If there will be some tax or what not financial issue challenge will be paid out in marbles that will be exchangeable with me for bounty.
  • [polishing] – You can win without it but won't collect bounty until it's complete. And might have some impact on ranking.
  • [optional] – Their requirement will be explicitly announced.
  • For suggestions and questions and notes use PM not mine email.
  • It might not seem so but my intention is to keep these challenges simple.

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