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Hello there.

I have began to learn this fw,but durring learn documentation it has makes me confused.

Because documentation folows me to create, presenter ( its ok ), after follows me to create a template and how to use and write template its still ok, but i think that example for how to work with db in first steps is very bad, because that example will learns bad approach, ( Because framework tells me from the beginning that is MVC ) and first example refutes it. So i have to as advanced programmer to find how to create a model, i was find it, but problem is if i want to use other adapter for connection maybe PDO.

And what i wanna tells with that ?, Just that can be better if programmer will see from beginning how to use MVC in the framework.

Now back to my real problem :P.
Is here someone who knows this framework as well, and he can send me some nice application which is builded on nette, i think the best way how to understand it, is look inside code of other one. :)

But what i need ?

– Custom libraries and implementations, usability
 – Custom abstract classes

Better say, it i need see your customization of nette.
If is here someone who can show me it, i will be happy for that, or who can help me with browsing throught nette :)

send me it to :

Thanks a lot. In return, i can help u with Zend :)

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New Nette addons portal is a good example of full nette application.